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Claudio Risé
Il padre.
L'assente inaccettabile
Claudio Risé
Il mestiere di Padre
Paolo Ferliga
Il segno del padre
Antonello Vanni
Il padre e la vita nascente

A group of college teachers, scientists, journalists, professionals, social workers for the assistance to separated parents and different groups of the men’s movements in Italy, demands to change the attitude towards the father in the current culture/behaviour of the society, also in the law regulations. Different initiatives will follow this plea in order to spread this information as well as to involve the political class on this matter. Starting from this first document, also, the subscribers indicate the necessity for a stronger help and recognition of the father which is willing to undertake all the obligations related to raising the conceived sun, which instead the mother intends to abort.

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Germany: turning point in male contemporary awareness

Friday February 13, 2009, the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio” reported, on page 2, an article signed by Andrea Affaticati by the title: “Story of Eight Germans Reclaiming Paternity on Their Never Born Children”. Of this article, we here report the essential parts, the ones that stroke us particularly.

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To be Male Today, goals, love and women, family and society

Interview to the Association “Men of the Wilderness”, by a women, M.V, as she is reaching her last-year student degree on the subject of “the Male Matter” in Intercultural Communication for Cooperation and Companies (January 2009).

Dear “Men of the Wilderness”, which characteristics can you attribute to the nowadays male and which role does he have in society?

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